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Preparing Your Air Conditioner For The Spring & Summer

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Fifty-degree and sixty-degree days are starting to poke through these late winter months. This weather already has us thinking ahead to spring and summer sunshine. With this being said, it is time to think about shutting down your furnace and getting your air conditioner prepared for the upcoming seasons. A few South Jersey air conditioner repair experts provided tips to get your air conditioner ready for spring and summer. 

Condenser Covers 

A lot of homeowners choose to use condenser covers to cover their exterior air conditioner condensers. These covers protect them from inclement weather that can damage the condensers. Before kicking your air conditioning system back into gear, these covers should be removed and the condenser should be looked at to see if any damage has occurred. It is also important to remove any debris or vegetation surrounding the condenser since it dispenses heat outward. 

Air Filters 

While air filters should be routinely changed for your furnace and air conditioning unit every month or so during usage, it is important to change them before and after you are done using them for the season. Be sure to purchase the correct type and size filter for your air conditioning unit. Once you have the correct one, swap out the filter in your air conditioning unit so it is all ready to go. 


Your thermostat should be checked to make sure it is working properly. Don’t assume it is working properly based on it simply displaying a temperature and can be adjusted. Thermostat controls can become out of wack and require recalibration. If your thermostat doesn’t have the ability to be recalibrated, it may be a good idea to request a professional HVAC technician or replace it entirely. 

Turning On The System

Once all the other tasks have been performed, it would be a good idea to turn on the air conditioning system prior to heavy usage during the spring and summer. If something is wrong, you rather discover it now than discover it when it’s eighty and ninety degree days. Boot up the system and make note of any noises and check on the airflow in your home. If the air doesn’t feel cool, circle back and begin troubleshooting. If you can’t figure out a solution, give a professional a call. 

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