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Warning Signs of A Faulty And Broken Furnace

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October and November have come and passed along. You may have been putting some things off to include in your new year’s resolutions. Your resolutions might include going to the gym, changing your diet, visiting a country you have never been to, and much more. Well, have you ever thought that maybe your house might want a new year’s resolution as well? What do you think it would want? 

One of the things on your house’s wish list might be a furnace tuneup, repair, or even a replacement. A faulty furnace can cause your home and your family a lot of stress. A bad furnace will produce heat inefficiently that can cause a rise in costs rather than an equal rise in temperature throughout your home. South Jersey furnace repair experts provided information on when you should look into a tune-up or replacement of your furnace. 

The Age of Your Furnace   

The average life expectancy of a furnace is anywhere from fifteen to eighteen years old. Once furnaces reach past their life expectancy, they can start heating inefficiently due to short cycling, overheating, or a damaged part of the furnace. It is a great time to have a professional come out and inspect your furnace. 

Rising Heating Bill

Many different problems could cause a heating bill to rise in your home. If you have had regular maintenance done to the moving parts of your heating system and had air ducts handled properly, your heating bill shouldn’t change that drastically in a particular direction. A steady increase of your heating bill over the years might mean that the time with your current furnace is coming to an end. Contact an HVAC specialist to diagnose your furnace properly. 

Strange Noises Coming From The Furnace

When your furnace kicks on, take note of any strange rattling, popping, or metal-on-metal noises that come from it. Weird noises coming from your furnace could be a sign that it is about to fail or a particular part of your furnace has gone bad. If you constantly hear your blower turning on and off, it could be another sign that your furnace is not operating at one hundred percent. 

The Look of The Burner Flame

If your furnace’s flame is a different color other than blue, it could be a tell-tale sign that your furnace is producing nasty chemicals like carbon monoxide. Usually, if a furnace is burning in a dirty manner rather than clean, the flame will appear yellow. Any flame that isn’t blue should be looked at by a professional to avoid serious issues such as carbon monoxide poisoning and other gas leaks. 

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Comments to Warning Signs of A Faulty And Broken Furnace

  • I find it alarming that an unusual sound coming from your furnace unit could mean that it needs repairs. My colleague just mentioned that his aunt’s heating unit isn’t heating her bedroom area properly. I think it’s about time that they find a furnace repair expert before it worsens.

    Zachary Tomlinson December 9, 2021 3:42 am
  • Thank you for mentioning how dangerous it is if your furnace’s flames are anything but blue. Reading that made me think of the time that I checked our unit and found it looking yellow-ish, which I didn’t know what it meant at the time. I’ll take some time to find an HVAC expert that can get this fixed right away.

    Afton Jackson December 10, 2021 12:23 am