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How To Train Your Dog To Become A Service Dog

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A service dog is defined as a dog that is specially trained to perform specific tasks that benefit a person with a form of disability. The disability can be a long-term physical or mental disability that impacts at least one daily life activity. A few examples of these disabilities are blindness, PTSD, severe anxiety, and much more. If you have a disability that impedes your life activities, a service dog may benefit you greatly. Some dog training South Jersey experts provided guidelines that have to be followed to obtain or get your dog to become a service dog. 

Service Dog Requirements

Before service dog training can even be thought about, there are some basic requirements that your dog and yourself have to meet. The first requirement is that the person must have a long-term disability that affects day to day activity. The second requirement is that a service dog must be well mannered at all times. The third requirement is that the service dog must perform some kind of task that directly aids the disability. Lastly, the owner must answer all questions regarding the purpose of the service dog. Many choose to have their service dog wear gear that clearly outlines its purpose.

The Type Of Dog You Have 

The first step is understanding what type of dog you have. All breeds are able to become service dogs. Some are easier to train the others and have strong characteristics for certain tasks. The breed of a dog will help you during the training process. The dog’s breed tells you a lot about their instincts and their genetics to be aware of. Each dog should be assessed for its particular strengths and weaknesses to determine if it can properly handle assisting you. The dog’s health should be kept in mind as well. The training and responsibility of being a service dog can add a lot of stress to its life. It is important your dog can handle the job. 


Usually, a person that is looking into a service dog tries to find a professional trainer to put in the time to get the dog up to speed. You are not required to do this, however. A service dog can be trained by a professional or by the owner themselves. The question really depends on the time available and knowledge of dog training. There are no minimum training requirements for becoming a service dog. Most professionals recommend at least thirty hours a month for six months to a year. You want your dog to be used to public areas and distraction as well as how to handle the disability it is treating. Aside from these specific skills, your dog should be well-rounded with basic commands as well in the event they disobey you. 

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