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Best Marketing Certifications To Help Land Your Dream Job

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The marketing industry is a prevalent industry to get involved in. Marketing is a frequent degree of choice at many colleges across the nation. This makes marketing one of the hardest and most competitive industries. There are many marketing jobs, but not many people making high salary careers. South Jersey marketing companies know what makes candidates stand out. One of the biggest influencers of job readiness is the display of organized learning after college. Organized learning could be considered workshops, certifications, or continuing college further. Here are some of the best certifications to go for when trying to earn a great career in marketing. 

Google Ad Certification

No matter if you want to work in an agency or internal atmosphere, Google Ad certification is a must-have. Google Ad certification details how the different types of pay-per-click ads work such as display ads. When Google Ads are used properly, they can be a huge driver of revenue for an organization. There are many lucrative roles in PPC management that can easily land six-figure payouts over time. To become certified, you have to register for Google Academy and enroll in the Google Ads fundamental assessment. If you receive a score higher than 80%, you officially become Google Ads certified. The test has a fee per attempt and can be taken as many times as you want. 

HubSpot Content Marketing Certification

Quality content is the main driver of an effective digital brand presence. It is an important skill to master as it builds up foundational writing and communication skills. The HubSpot content marketing certification helps mold and improve your skills. This HubSpot certification process is 12 chapters that inform you on concrete content marketing best practices and emerging trends in marketing. To sign up for this, you will have to create an account with HubSpot Academy where you will receive access to their full library of modules. 

Facebook BluePrint Certification

The Facebook BluePrint certification is very similar to the Google Ad certification. Facebook has its own set of quirks and rules to follow when it comes to running advertisements. As digital marketing experts, it is important to understand the various difference between channels and platforms. Like Google, Facebook has its own learning academy where you can become certified in running Facebook Ads. A good Facebook Ad has slightly different qualities in comparison to a good Google Ad. Facebook breaks down its ad certification into two sections. One section details the ad buying process while the other details the campaign creation process. Each module has an exam at the end of it which requires a fee of $150.00. If you want to be prepared to run successful Facebook ad campaigns day after day, this is an awesome certification to get.

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