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The Benefits of Providing Contactless Service to your Spa Guests

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Going Contactless
Creating a great spa experience for your clients begins with choosing the right spa software. Different software bolster a variety of features which could benefit your business. One key feature offered by spa booking software like Meevo, is offering a contactless experience.
The emergence of COVID-19 has put an emphasis on cleanliness, spa hygienic practices and overall health consciousness. Offering a near contactless experience for your customers will not only make their experience more simple and convenient, but also may allow them to feel more comfortable receiving services in your spa.
The correct spa software will offer clients and staff a near contactless experience when visiting your salon or spa. A variety of features including online booking, stored payment methods, contactless check-in and chairside check out are some of the ways to make a better, safer customer experience.
Contactless Software Features:
Online Booking
Online Booking is one of the most common contactless features that many clients have come to expect when making and rescheduling appointments. Allowing clients to manage appointments from anywhereand provide credit card and email information makes for a touch-free check out later. After an appointment is made, an automated booking confirmation via email or text will be sent, as well as appointment reminders to avoid cancellations.
Appointment Deposits and Prepay
Upgrade your online booking experience by allowing clients to prepay for services, speeding up the in-store checkout process and enhancing your contactless experience. You can also request customer’s provide appointment deposits during online booking to avoid lost revenue from late cancellations and no-shows.

Contactless Check-In

Avoid cluttering the front of your spa with waiting clients by providing a contactless check-in process. Clients can fill out forms online prior to their visit and use the geo check-in feature to automatically notify staff upon their arrival. When it’s time to enter your salon or spa, staff can notify clients of their ready time via text their clients. Not only is it convenient, but it will also help keep waiting areas empty and limit guest interactions prior to their appointments.
Self-pay allows your guests to process payments from their mobile phone via a secure link. The easy-to-use process lets your clients view the transaction, add a tip and securely pay all in one easy step. They will also receive an emailed receipt upon completion.
Deliver a Chairside Check Out
Give your customers a comfortable and casual experience by providing chairside or treatment side check-out. Employees can also add products or book future appointments during this step.
No More Physical Credit Cards
Store client payment methods for a faster, easier checkout with your POS system. Securely storing payment preferences allows for a safer, contactless experience for both your guests and employees while also creating a faster checkout procedure.
These contactless features are the future of spa software. Utilizing these components in your business can help generate new clientele as well as a better overall experience of your new and potential customers. For the health-conscious consumer, offering these features may help set your business apart from your competitors as well as making your customers feel safe.

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