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How To Decorate Your Walls While Avoiding Damage

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The reason most people buy their own home is so they are able to customize the living space to accommodate for themselves. We all love to decorate, whether it’s Christmas lights in the yard or a whole interior design scheme. Exterior decorations can be taken off without any thought of damaging the exterior appearance. But interior decorations such as posters, mirrors, and clocks cannot be removed in a carefree manner because they will leave damages/flaws. It is vital to keep your paint job that cost you a few thousand bucks in mind when putting up and pulling down interior decorations. There are ways to avoid damaging your paint and you should reach out to a Painter in Haddonfield to have them educate you on a few of these concepts:

Magnetic Paint: This is by far the most out of the box route to take. It is a more expensive paint than your usual eggshell or satin paints but could be useful in kids’ rooms. If you have young kids, you know how much they love messing with the walls. By coating their walls with magnetic paint, they have the ability to put their drawings up on the wall without permanently damaging it. This idea is not for everyone but will help you avoid damaging your walls.

Using Smaller Nails: The nail or the screw is the common way people choose to hang their decor like mirrors and shelves. As most know, this can be incredibly damaging and will likely leave large holes in your walls that will need repair once taken off. You should choose a smaller nail when the situation is fitting, and the object being hung is not too heavy. If you are not able to use a smaller nail because of weight, be ready to repair the flaws it leaves.

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