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What To Consider When Choosing A Salon POS System

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As a salon or spa manager or owner, you’ve probably noticed the trend — more and more clients are paying with credit cards over cash. As digital wallets, Apple Pay, and “tap and go” payments continue to grow, more salons and businesses are expected to accept these kinds of payments. Your spa or salon must use the best salon POS system to accept major credit cards and offer the functions clients expect when receiving your services.

Make sure your salon is staying cutting edge by offering the payment services your customers have grown to expect. Offering a wider net for payment services will allow for a more positive overall customer experience. Make sure they are leaving your salon happy by accepting the current payment standards practiced by most industry leaders. This will also help show your customers that your salon or spa is on top of trends and utilizes a tech-friendly approach to services.

If you don’t offer these payment services, you could be missing out. According to, about 85 percent of retailers offer services for Apple Pay. If you are not in that percentage, you should be. As more consumers trend towards digital platforms and payments, you should consider how your salon approaches payments. With the right software, you can streamline your credit card processing services in a simple, easy way for both customers and employees.

Using integrated credit card processing systems offers an easy and convenient way for clients to interact with your salon. Certain spa and salo specific softwares have many features, like the ability to store credit cards on file, chairside checkout, online booking and more.

Utilizing a mobile POS system is also a great way to maximize efficiency and offer an easy, credit card friendly payment system that feels both casual and courteous to your clients. You can also use the iPad or tablet to add on sales at check-out, like selling them a membership, booking their next appointment or running up-to-date reports. Simple cloud-based software designs allow the function of your POS system with the added convenience of mobility.

Not to worry – these systems are often also integrated with safe systems to keep you customer’s data secure. As more salons make the leap to more cloud-based and mobile-friendly POS systems, owners must also ensure they are keeping their customer’s data safe from leaks or potential cyber attacks. Make sure the software you choose is compliant with current data safety protocols and procedures to protect your customers and well as your salon.

When it comes to your spa or salon’s POS software, make sure you are using a user-friendly platform that is both safe and convenient for your customers. To keep with the industry’s standards, you must offer credit card processing as well as “tap and pay,” and digital wallet capabilities. Allowing these features will create the best customer experience and ensure your business is not missing out on potential revenue. Make sure you are trusting your business to the best salon and spa software the maximize sales and create the best user experience for your clients.

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