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How Do Diesel Engines Work?

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Diesel engines are one of the modern automotive marvels still used today. Diesel engines can be found in cars, trucks, trains, and boats. Diesel engines are the driving force for the integral supply chain in the United States. They are one of the most efficient engines ever constructed. Diesel engines offer great benefits such as fuel efficiency and power. You may think that a diesel engine is similar to a gasoline one, but they still have subtle differences in how they work. Semi-truck repair Flint Michigan experts discuss the differences and similarities between the two.

What Is A Diesel Engine?
A diesel engine is a type of combustion engine that functions on diesel fuel rather than unleaded gasoline. Like a gasoline engine, a diesel engine generates its power by combusting the fuel source inside its cylinders. Internal combustion was an invention that helped propel certain modes of travel. Prior to internal combustion, external combustion was used which was a lot less efficient and very dangerous.

How Are Diesel Engines Different?
Diesel and gasoline engines both function using internal combustion, but in different ways. A diesel engine generates power by allowing air into the cylinder and bottles it up to produce a charge of energy. Gasoline functions in the same way, but it will enable a lot less air into the cylinder. The main difference is the air-to-fuel ratio of each type of engine. Diesel engines compress the air more tightly which alters the air-to-fuel ratio. In comparison to a gasoline engine, the air in a diesel engine has about a tenth of the space. This strong compression of air makes the cylinders a lot hotter and able to ignite without the use of spark plugs.

Why Is A Diesel Engine More Efficient?
A diesel engine is a lot more efficient than a gasoline one. On average, you can go about twice as far with a diesel engine than a gasoline engine. The stronger air-to-fuel ratio is a factor that contributes to this efficiency. The ability to ignite without using a spark plug system makes the process a lot more simple. Diesel fuel is a cleaner fuel source as well. Diesel fuel puts a lot less stress on its engines which makes them more durable. Due to the air-to-fuel ratio, gasoline engines require a lot more fuel to power themselves. A lot less diesel fuel is needed to power the vehicles that use diesel engines.

How Is Diesel Fuel Different?
Diesel fuel is a type of fuel that has a lot fewer additives and is made from more hydrocarbon molecules. Gasoline fuel has a lot of additives involved in the manufacturing and extraction process. Diesel fuel can be created from a lot of recycled sources too. Vegetable oil and peanut oil are some of the popular alternative sources of diesel fuel. Truly, an amazing feat of science.

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